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Quick, Super-Serious ACC Tournament Predictions

So who's taking the long bus ride home on Thursday?

8. Wake Forest vs. 9. Florida State UNC kind of scarred FSU last year in the second round. Expect traumatic flashbacks at critical times. Wake Forest

5. Miami vs. 12. N.C. State Miami was one of the four teams in conference to lose a game to the Wolfpack. The Wolfpack have made it to semifinals both times they've played in the expanded Thursday slate. And the Wolfpack are the kind of team that can go surprisingly deep in a weekend tournament.

But they made one mistake - they encouraged youth truancy. Expect surprise sanctions, mass suspensions, and a Hurricane victory. Miami

7. Georgia Tech vs. 10. Virginia Virginia's another one of those teams that are undefeated on the expanded Thursday. Georgia Tech denied the UNC national championship team an ACC title, after which I hired an old women to put a gypsy curse on them. Sean Singletary, you can send me a thank you note at any time. Virginia

6. Maryland vs. 11. Boston College  Maryland turns the ball over more than any other team in the conference. Boston College forces fewer turnovers than the rest of the ACC. So this could go either way, but I've already picked the Eagles. Boston College