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Four More ACC Tournament Predictions

4. Virginia Tech vs. 5. Miami The team with no offense meets the team with no defense. Expect another game like the first half of Miami-N.C. State. And then expect the Hurricanes to win, just to screw with the "bracketologists." Miami

2. Duke vs. 7. Georgia Tech Mike Krzyzewski has anothe rtwo days of whining about Gerald Henderson not being allowed to sit on the bench last year. He]is team won't lose until we get to hear every last bit of it. Duke

3. Clemson vs. 11. Boston College Watching the game tonight, I couldn't believe I'd put my massive prognostication crediblity on the lousy team playing Maryland. Thus I must double down on it. Boston College

Jimmy Dykes vs. The English Language Somebody call a neurosurgeon, because there's at least three papers in figuring out what the hell is wrong with the language centers of his brain. In one five minute stretch he went from babbling about "valentines bursting out of these players chests" to "high school Harry passes" with about six mentions of "happy feet" in between. I'm not even sure what that first comment means - I thought it was the most oblique way of saying the players have heart I've ever heard, but maybe he's just got some strange mashup of the movies Alien and Mirrormask playing in his head.

Jimmy, look up. Is that your name on the scoreboard? Are the media guides being handed about full of trivia about you? No? Then get your verbal assault on your mother tongue the hell out of the way and let people watch the game, all right?

Oh, and there's some game involving UNC tomorrow to. They'll probably do pretty well.