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Thoughts As Georgia Tech Tries to Come Back Against Duke

  • Duke has obviously worked in the past week on involving Brian Zoubek in the offense, after they failed to press the Zoubek-Lawson matchups against UNC. Unfortunately, there's a flaw in that plan - Brian Zoubek is the reincarnation of Greg Newton.
  • Paul Hewitt may have the greatest "I can't believe Duke got another call" face I've ever seen. Although Leonard Hamilton's is also pretty damn good.
  • Duke's entire offensive gameplan seems to be 1) Almost turn the ball-over. 2) Don't hustle or anything, just hope your teammate gets the ball back. 3) Hit the wide-open three since you didn't react to the loose ball at all.
  • How was I unaware that Jason Capel - probably the only Tar Heel to have the entire program's collapse blamed on him (unfairly, I might add) - is now part of the Raycom broadcast team? And to think I had to suffer through Jimmy Dykes yesterday.

(I had also forgotten that there was a time when Slate would just turn their site over to a random New Republic writer to discuss UNC basketball. While the Capel piece is bad, his Joeseph Forte analysis and puncturing of the Duke myth were both spot on. His thoughts on Doherty during the 02-03 season weren't nearly as prescient, unfortunately.)