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UNC 68, Virginia Tech 66

So that was probably more difficult than it should have been.

What's worrisome is not so much the low scoring - Virginia Tech has an excellent defense after all - but the poor decision making down the stretch. A lot of rushed shots, Ellington's completely brainless technical foul, a bad Hansbrough foul and a miscommunication that gave the Hokies a look at a game-winning three with under a minute left, that thankfully didn't fall. Even the last play, a Ty Lawson drive on a tough defense when he still has trouble leaping off a bum ankle, was rather suspect, even if Hansbrough bailed everyone out with the excellent rebound and score. You also have to thank Deron Washington, whose own mental lapse fouled the Tech leader out with less than two minutes to play on an Ellington three.

Before the late game theatrics, what struck me the most was how good these two teams will be next year. The Hokies only lose Deron Washington, who although far and away their best player, isn't solely responsible for their success. This kind of defense from such a young team will only continue to excel, while the offense will pick up as Delaney and Allen mature. You can't say how many UNC players won't be back, but there was some great play by Copeland and Graves in limited minutes, and with Green, Ginyard and Frasor as seniors who've had to lead for four years, there won't be a large drop in playing ability.

Oh, and expect about 30 YouTube videos making fun of Hansbrough's post shot celebration. As tough as it is to mock a guy who just iced a tough opponent, that was some goofy exuberance that followed.

(Luckily, no matter how Hansbrough acts, it's nothing compared to Mike Hogwood, the Greensboro sportscaster since the Neolithic Era, repeatedly plugging Lil' Mama's "Shawty Got Loose" at the breaks. You can almost hear the unsaid (sic) every time he's contractually obligated to mention it.)