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UNC 86, Clemson 81

No team has stymied Carolina's half-court offense more this year than Clemson. They have the size to constrain Hansbrough, the quickness and presence of mind to make driving the interior dificult, and the perimeter defense to make the three and entry passes difficult. So what can you do when the set offense is rarely there?

You avoid a five-man defense as much as possible. At around the 12 minute mark, Raycom through up a stat showing UNC outscoring the Tigers on transition offense 32 to 7. The Heels probably pushed 50 for the game. Carolina went over, around, and through the full court press to get as many layups in 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 situations as possible; freed from having to fight from behind through Booker and Mays (who combined for 8 of Clemson's 10 blocked shots) and nurse a second-half lead to another championship.

Although the less said about the last twenty seconds - three UNC fouls, 2 of 4 free throw shooting, all while holding on two a two-possesion lead - the better. Thankfully, Clemson's free throw woes aren't fully behind them.