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Liveblogging the Selection Show

Because nothing's more Web 2.0 than realtime writing about people talking. Try not to faint from the excitement.

5:31 pm Except we're waiting on actual excitement, as Georgia tries to screw some bubble team over by winning the SEC championship. On Georgia Tech's floor. Does that taint the win just a bit, Bulldogs fans?

5:34 pm With 34 seconds left and a seven point lead, Georgia looks to have wrapped up the impossible three wins in two days. And they might have just knocked Virginia Tech down to the NIT.

5:37 pm Which isn't particularly a bad thing. While the Hokies of the conference season are probably bracketworthy - 6-4 to close out the regular season, winning conference record, etc. - it took them all year to get to that state. That 9-5 nonconference record is going to hurt.

5:42 pm So I just watched the Georgia-Arkansas game in high definition on CBS. CBS's postgame show is also in HD. So why are the clips of the Georgia game that just ended being broadcasted in standard definition?

5:45 pm I wonder how long this will stave off the Fire Dennis Felton comments.

5:52 pm What has the world come to that I have Texas-Arlington/Northwestern St. highlights inflicted on me?

5:57 pm John Calipari reels off a series of teams he call phenomenonal, and then ends with "...and North Carolina are what they are." Um, thanks?

6:00 pm UNC edges out Memphis for the overall number one seed. Nice, but pretty meaningless.

6:02 pm Memphis gets the South (Houston), UCLA the West (Phoenix), and Kansas the Midwest (Detroit). That sets up a UNC/Kansas Final FOur if everything falls into place.

6:04 pm What are the relative distances between Memphis and Kansas and the regional locations Detroit and Houston? Should Memphis be in the Midwest and Kansas the South?

6:05 pm Never mind. I always put Houston on the wrong side of Texas. Were it in San Antonio like last year, however, I think those two would be switched.

6:14 pm Not particularly an easy draw is it? Tennessee and Lousivlle as the two-three, a dangerous Notre Dame and popular mid-major Butler. One thing is certain though, UNC will not be surprised by George Mason.

6:22 pm Clemson should have a pretty easy ride to the second week of play, and Davidson could give Georgetown fits. There's a lot of freshman hype pumped into that USC/KSU game though.

6:29 pm UNC also wins some sort of Pontiac scholarship. Yay?

6:30 pm I don't like Miami's chances. Texas should waltz through their half of the bracket, but I onstantly pick Pittsburgh to overachieve in the tournament without ny real reason, and I'll probably continue to do so.

6:31 pm Jumping back to the first two regionals, I keep thinking we'll see UNC-Louisville and Kansas-Georgetown in the finals. Daring picks, I know.

6:37 pm Easiest bracket, bar none. Duke's not a better 2 seed than Tennessee, UConn's a weak 4, and frankly, I don't know enough about Xavier and Purdue. VaTech is out, Sendek's Arizona State is way out. I think the odds of a UCLA-West Virginia regional final is pretty likely.

6:39 pm It seems like every couple of years, the commission tries for a UNC-Indiana matchup, and it doens't really happen. I think that'll be the case this year as well.

6:40 pm Brackets by difficulty, hardest to easiest: Midwest, East, South and West.

6:41 pm Billy Packer becomes a (state of) North Carolina homer, pimping Davidson. He's not wrong, but I don't think they could beat Georgetown.

6:43 pm Flipping to ESPN - nice to see Bobby Knight dressed up for television. And the rest of the crew is advocating for Arizona State. They can bash mid-major schedules all they like, but most big teams don't go out and schedule the dangerous non-conference teams. I don't have a problem with South Alabama being in the dance.

6:48 pm Billy Packer and Jay Bilas are both wondering about the ACC's 4 bids. The NCAA's designated talking head, Tom O'Connor, doesn't really care about conference RPI. I think it's a matter of the Big East having a cluster of teams just good enough to make the tournament, and the ACC a cluster just below. That and the Big East has more cupcakes to beat up on.

6:52 pm Why does Duke not go to Raleigh (asks Jim Nantz)? Um, because Georgetown is better, and can't play on their home court?

6:54 pm Packer finds the East the toughest bracket, and likes UNC and Kansas, who unfortunately would meet before the championship game. My agreement with him is kind of frightening.

6:56 pm Clark Kellog likes every five seed as a sleeper (except Drake). Seth Davis doens't think UNC will make it past Tennessee - the Vols have "the hot hand" with... two more losses over the last three weeks then UNC. All right there, Seth. Both like UCLA to win it all.

7:04 pm No Mr. Knight, the tournament shouldn't be expanded to 128 teams. Please go away.

7:10 pm Seth Greenberg also argues for a 128-team tourney, because it will "enrich the student-athlete experience." I don't understand that logic at all. Earn one of the damn 65 spots, already. Watering it down as some sort of coaching welfare doesn't do anything for the tournament.

7:18 pm Jay Bilas thinks the selection is too weighted towards the end of the season. And that Virginia Tech should be in. That he can hold two contradictory thoughts in his head like that is pretty impressive, coming from a Duke education and all.

7:19 pm By the way, the fact that Dick Vitale is the voice of reason on this panel is really freaking me out.

7:29 pm ESPN points out that UNC has only lost once at a tournament site in the state of North Carolina, and that was in Raleigh. UNC's undefeated in Charlotte, Greensboro and as ESPN puts it, "Winstom Salem."