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How to Get My Presidential Vote

Barack Obama comes out for the Heels. Just one of the, well, one advantage North Carolina gets for having a late primary. I'm wondering what his Illini constituents are thinking about this pick.

Is this really enough to overcome the incredibly poor decision to hire Reggie Love as your body man, however?

The great thing, of course, is that Edwards beat Obama in Horse - Carolina's dominance over Illinois continues.

(And for the record, Obama didn't get my primary vote. As a registered independent, the Maryland State Democratic Party deemed me unfit to vote in the first primary in my lifetime where my ballot would actually have weight. I'm still a little bitter about that.)

Update [2008-3-21 16:34:38 by TH]: UNC has swept the presidential field, with John McCain also picking the Heels, and Hiliary Clinton failing to release a bracket. North Carolina - the bipartisan basketball solution.