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NCAA Day 2: Hate the Drake

Hate may be too strong of word, but come on, how can you go and make me look foolish like that? UConn I can understand - hell, I even expected it in half my brackets - but you're Drake! The plucky, can-do mid-major that was going to take the tournament by storm! You can't give that up to an overtime, way out of range three. It's just not right.

Apparently, the key to winning this afternoon is the ridiculous scoring performance. Stephen Curry put up 40 for Davidson, Jack McClinton 38 for Miami, and Tyrone Brazelton managed a weak by comparison 33 before fouling out. A very exciting afternoon, overall.

And now we can get back to the predictable high-seed rops for the evening session, right? Yep, no need for any more thrilling upsets. We're good.

Except for Siena. Siena, you're the new plucky, can-do, yadda yadda. Now get to it.