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Shock and Awe-kansas

I promise you that will be the worst pun I ever put in a headline. Until I think of the next one.

There's not much to say about the game - Tar Heel Fan's picture pretty much tells the whole story. When the biggest news coming out of the game were the sticker-slipping montage - (Don't say I didn't warn you, NCAA) and the fact that UNC got their 15th and final player in the scoring column for the tournament (Marc Campbell).

So this leaves an East Region semifinal completely devoid of surprises. The top four seeds advance with only one having even played a close game, namely Tennessee. UNC, Louisville, and Washington State have all cruised in various routs. Which brings up a question - does this indicate a tough region, or an easy one? There's been nothing like the chaos that's plagued the West, where UCLA barely escaped a nine seed and Duke hilarilously flamed out. But of course, UCLA's road the Final Four now goes through Western Kentucky and either Xavier or West Virginia, while UNC's is, well, slightly more difficult. I'd contend that when people judge a region on its merits, they focus on the teams they think will win - Duke was always considered a weak two, while no one really cares whether Western Kentucky was a bigger upset threat than George Mason.

And on the women's side, UNC cruised as well, opening with a 21-2 run in the game against Bucknell. They'll play Georgia on Tuesday, a team with five straight Sweet Sixteen appearances, but who have collapsed this year after starting 13-0. Both coaches for the game have 780+ wins.