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ACC Conference-Only Tempo-Free Statistics

And they're already out of date, as they only run through Friday, while Gasaway has the numbers through the weekend. But since I've already crunched the numbers:

It wasn't too long ago that the Tar Heels were getting slagged for poor defensive efficiency - now they're leading the league. But the team that interests me most is the league's worst offense, Virginia Tech. They end the season with games against Wake Forest and Clemson. The Demon Deacons they shoud be able to handle, but against Clemson you have the league's best offense (outside of Duke and UNC) going up against the league's best defense (outside of Duke and UNC) for the top spot in the conference... behind Duke and UNC. The lengths we go through for excitement when the conference title becomes a two-team race with two weeks left in the season.