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The Final Four is officially the four number one seeds. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The thought of four top seeds making it the final weekend has come under some derision of late, from Pomeroy's "Doomsday Scenario" nickname to Grant Wahl's belittling of anyone who would actually dare to predict such a thing. I can't really understand the complaints. All year the talk has been on how these four are the best in the country, and despite the occasional incursions by Tennessee and Duke, the talent drop-off has always settled more or less between the fourth and fifth spots. There was a yawning chasm in quality between these teams and everyone else. If ever there was a year for a top seed sweep, this is it. Who the hell wouldn't be excited by this?

Yes, on of the joys of the tournament is the possibility for upset. But it's a possibility, not a guarantee. Once in a while, the Goliaths have to win, and there's no better year for this to happen than now. It's possibly the most stacked Final Four in history - now sit back and enjoy it.