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Your Basketball Team Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Random thoughts on the game:

  • In retrospect, do you think basing your entire offense on a spread floor and low percentage shot may not be the best idea after going, well, 3:52, 6:25, and that crucial final 5:47 without making a shot from the field?
  • I was blissfully denied audio to both the game and its unendless preamble, but did ESPN really run a feature multiple times on a guy in a bathing suit? In the stands when Jackie Manuel missed two free throws in Doherty's last year? Is this actually some sort of legend at Duke?
  • On the bright side, I highly recommend ESPN rerun that feature every year, because it turned everyone at the bar I was at into a Carolina fan. Nobody wants to see that. Oh, and if Krzyzewski retires anytime in the next twelve months, it'll be because the realization his job requires him to be interviewed on national television about a guy in a banana hammock. You should have taken that Lakers gig when you had the chance, Mike.
  • Tar Heel Fan already posted the best picture, but I'm rather partial to this one. And this one. And the requisite Scheyer face.
  • Tonight was Duke's fewest steals (3) and fewest turnovers generated (12) since Marquette, and fewest three-pointers made (10) when they've taken more than 25 since New Mexico State, both in November. It was also the most shots UNC has blocked all season (15), more than they totalled in the previous four games combined.
  • Oh, and there's a couple of comments over the past month you may want to read if you're feeling schadenfreudey. Bwah. Ha. Ha.