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Another Thrilling Bowl Destination

I have an RSS feed set up for the UNC mentions of, which means once a month or so I'll see an article the vaguely involves UNC football - typically a list someone has put on a website somewhere about something I couldn't really give a damn about. And for the most part, I'm content to leave it like that.

What I was sent today, however, was coverage of a week-old story about how the ACC is in agreement to play in the as yet non-existent Congressional Bowl, in sunny Washington D.C.. I tossed "Congressional Bowl" and ACC into the magic Google to learn more... and nothing. Oh there were other mentions, but they all reflected back on the same source - an Annapolis sportswriters' blog. Don't these things usually have press releases?

Should it be true however, let me put my expert opinion as a six-month resident of D.C. out there for all your travelling planning. It's cold. Miserably, bitterly, I-miss-California cold. I'll be happy to go and see the Heels, but expect a week of complaints here afterwards about how I can still not feel various and quite important parts of my anatomy. Because again, cold.

(And for why UNC should be bowl eligible, I direct you to Sunday Morning Quarterback's early bit of optimism.)