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Well Somebody's Going to an NBA Town This Weekend

If my referrer logs are any indication, most of my readership nowadays just cycles through Tar Heel Fan, Jackie Manuel Has a Posse and The Fifth Corner looking for word on the players going pro. Well, with my total lack of sources in Chapel Hill, it's only natural to assume I know what's going on - and I totally do. The following players are declaring themselves eligible for the NBA dra-

Hold that thought. I've got to head to the airport to catch a flight to Phoenix. You know, by the time I get back the deadline to declare for the draft (midnight Sunday) will have passed anyway, and it'll be common knowledge by then. So why spoil it for everyone?

(As an aside, I really think the Chapel Hill-Durham area needs a better steak place, because if I never hear about another potential agent meeting at the Outback, it'll be too soon.)