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One More Award For Hansbrough

Update [2008-4-9 8:47:44 by TH]:And naturally, Hansbrough did win the Naismith. Wikipedia knows the future! Ooo-wee-ooo!

Update [2008-4-5 22:1:58 by TH]: Since at the halftime of the UNC-Kansas-I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it game is still trolling for votes for the Naismith, I'm going to assume Wikipedia lies. Shocking, I know.

You can add the Naismith Award to the list, at least according to Wikipedia. (I ran out to get dinner during halftime.) The last time a Nasmith Award winner played for a national championship was 2001, when Shane Battier helped Duke win it all.

Hansbrough is the third UNC player to win the Naismith, after Michael Jordan and Antawn Jamison.