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My Best Explanation For What Just Happened

So I've been thinking it over, looking for a reason as to why UNC came out as poorly as they did, only to surge back and then collapse again down the stretch. Sure, you could chalk it up to a superior Kansas defense, their ability to spread the floor on the offensive end, and their talent in capitalizing on turnovers. But that's all crazy talk. No, there's only one explanation for this. It's the fact that winning a championship alone wasn't enough motivation for the Heels. They had another goal in mind.

They had to fuck with Billy Packer.

That's the most sensible explanation. The Heels started the game so poorly simply to bait Packer. To lead him down the primrose path until he declared, with seven and half minutes to play in the first half, that the game was over. Only then could Carolina start playing their game.

Now you may as if it was really worth it digging a twenty-eight point hole solely to mess with the mind of a curmudgeonly CBS announcer. It's areasonable question, especially given the end result. But I believe, that we, as American can all agree on this: Yes. Yes, it was.

UNC tonight, in the parlance of the youth of five years ago, punked Billy Packer.

Anything you'd like to add, cartoon Dean Smith?

Wise words. Wise words indeed.