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Honesty Not Always the Best Policy

Words of coaching wisdom, as relayed by King Kaufman:

It was so bad that when ESPN sideline reporter Rebecca Lobo asked Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer how she planned to get her team to settle down and handle the pressure better, VanDerveer said something you just never hear coaches say unless they're being sarcastic, which VanDerveer was not.

"God, Rebecca," she said, "I have no idea."

VanDerveer said her team was "so discombobulated. Their pressure is causing turnovers that I haven't seen all year. We're just not playing with any offensive flow at all." She excused herself, saying, "I better go in there and talk to 'em."

The ambush interviews as a team heads to locker room are an absolute horrible innovation, but every once in awhile, televsion gold happens.