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Stepheson Transfers

As everyone has heard by now, Alex Stepheson has left the Heels to be closer to his family back in Los Angeles. He'll be missed. Personally, I was felt more comfortabe when he was in the game as opposed to Deon Thompson, even if it was more of a gut-reaction than anything else (Statistically, they were pretty similar). I leave it to less-hinged mines than mine to divine what this means about who's staying in the draft.

Stepheson was heavily recruited by UCLA and Arizona, and the Bruins are already salivating at the prospect of bring him back. But if I may make another suggestion, how about UC Santa Barbara? Sure it doesn't have the cache of a Pac-10 school, but it's right on the beach. There's great weather. A relaxed atmosphere. Arnold Schwartzenegger's signature on your diploma. Chancellor-issued statements imploring the students not to do porn. What's not to like?