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Facebook Is a Sewer

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...and thanks to Gary Parrish, now it's representative of UNC fans.

I generally keep my uninformed opinions on draft chances to myself, because the optimal word there is uninformed. Lawson et al. shouldn't let it get them down, though. For one, anyone who's going to seek you out on Facebook is more likely to be negative than positive - it's the kind of mentality that arises in anonymous crowds. (When Dylan went electric, only the guy motivated to yell, "Judas!" said anything. Nobody shouted, "I support your artistic gowth and wish you the best in your future endeavours!")

Second, you've got to keep in mind that failure is the easy bet to make about anyone's future in the NBA draft. There are more people going pro than there are spots being created for them, so its easy to look smart by saying a player is going to crash and burn - no one caught flack for predicting Gilbert Arenas would fail, but everyone feels like a basketball genius for calling J.J. Redick's non-rise. I don't know if any or all of them will make the right decision - there's a lot of money to cloud a lot of judgment - and won't know for years to come. But the least of anyone's concern should be anonymous internet commenters.

The non-anonymous people who comment here though are uniformly awesome.