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While We Weren't Caring, Stanford Won Another Trophy

Remember the Director's Cup? That trophy no one cares about that Stanford wins ever year? Except, of course, for the glorious first year, when UNC won it?

Yeah, Stanford won again. UNC came in fourteenth. There was a resounding yawn from anyone not intensely devoted to a school named "Leland."

Now, as is my wont, I take a moment to list all the postseason accomplishments that got UNC to 14th on a list no one really pays attention to:

  • Women's Cross Country, 27th
  • Women's Field Hockey, National Champions
  • Women's Soccer, Third Round
  • Women's Basketball, Regional Finals
  • Men's Basketball, Semifinals
  • Fencing, 17th
  • Women's Gymnastics, 31st
  • Women's Swimming, 32nd
  • Men's Swimming, 29th
  • Women's Indoor Track and Field, 21st
  • Men's Track and Field, 38th
  • Men's Wrestling, 53rd
  • Men's Baseball, Semifinals
  • Men's Golf, 43rd
  • Women's Lacrosse, Quarterfinals
  • Men's Lacrosse, First Round
  • Women's Softball, First Round
  • Women's Tennis, Second Round
  • Men's Tennis, Quarterfinals
  • Women's Track and Field, 46th
  • Men's Track and Field, 42nd

The rest of the ACC was, naturally, worst than 14th.