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The Other, Other, Other, Other Carolina

I have to say, on the long list of things that would inspire me to spout off on the internet, Coastal Carolina's baseball team is very far down on said list. Fathoms down. Changes in pressure down. B movie down.

So yeah. Coastal Carolina. 47-12 (17-3) on the season. Hosted their own regional, and didn't drop a game in it, capping it off with a 24-11 win over East Carolina. (The other, other Carolina. Western is the other, other, other Carolina, for those of you keeping score.) They're a very good team in a very bad conference, and beat UNC 11-4 in their only matchup this season.

The first game of the best-of-three series is noon Saturday, in Cary and on ESPNU. The second is at one Sunday on the ESPN channel you actually get, namely ESPN.