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Larry Brown Slowly Turning the Bobcats Into Tar Heels West

Brown has decided to keep Phil Ford and Jeff Capel (both UNC alums, in case you're just joining us from Mars) on staff  with the Bobcats, and has added Dave Hanners, who served on the bench under Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge. (And also played backup point to Ford  at UNC. And coached with Brown in Philly, Detroit, and New York. I assume you people already know all this, but somebody may need the remedial course.)

Brown, as the article headline says, is also trying to bring Doug Moe into the fold, as he's set to retire from his bench job in Denver. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, though.

(Making this an actual post so as not to abuse the Fanshot feature of the new design and turn this whole blog into Twitteresque incoherency. The Fanshot thing is fun, though. Check it out.)