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Ty Lawson Drives the Lane Better Than He Drives a Car

I try not to castigate folks for faults I share, and my driving record is less than spotless. Hell, my walking record is less than spotless - there was once a warrant out for my arrest after one of California's finer metropolitian police forces and I disagreed about whether a jaywalking ticket had been paid - so I have no moral high ground from which to be casting stones. That being said:

  • Dude, those court dates aren't optional. They're summons, not invitations for you to RSVP.
  • Lay off the throttle. Gas is expensive, and you're not making NBA money yet. Swing by Philips for a physics background - your fuel efficiency is going to be best  around 55 to 60 mph.
  • I have no idea what you were pulled over for in Maryland  - it couldn't have been speeding, since I work about a block from there and even at eleven at night there's too much traffic to get into trouble - but start keeping your wallet on you, OK? (And I don't care what Google Maps says, that ain't Silver Spring. White Oak, maybe. Adelphi, sure. I wish it was Silver Spring, then I'd have a decent place for lunch.)

Others can speculate as to what this means for next months draft and next year's team. (The answer? Not a thing.) College students do stupid things. I'd just wish they'd do less of them.