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Like We Don't Get This Enough From East Carolina

Appalachian State head coach Jerry Moore wants to play UNC. Alas, his feelings are slightly hurt that the Heels are taking McNeese State to D1-AA prom:

Moore acknowledged Wednesday that he’s tried to get the Tar Heels on their schedule. So far, North Carolina has balked.

Moore said he’s puzzled why the Tar Heels scheduled McNeese State for their season opener instead of the Mountaineers. He said a matchup with North Carolina would be a “great football game” and “good for the state.”

By "good for the state" he means "our backwater portion of it," I presume. Because I don't really see the benefits to the rest of the state of giving y'all any reason to leave Boone. Lord knows what he means by "a great football game" because hopefully it's not this.

I agree with the App fans in one regard, though. It's rather disgraceful that UNC is playing McNeese St. Or the Citadel, William & Mary, and James Madison, the three FCB schools the Heels have lined up for '09, '10, and '11. Carolina really should be sticking to a schedule of 1-A schools. But these games were all lined up under the previous regime, and before the folks in Boone made a mountain range persona non grata in Michigan. Jerry can always hope for 2012 - and I'm sure that's what he's thinking by dropping this little nugget at a press conference - but I'd like to think the new coaching staff can aim a little higher.

In the meantime, "UNC avoids scheduling any real in-state competition?" Are you going to take that, Duke, East Carolina, North Carolina State and Wake Forest? (OK Duke, you may actually have to take that.) If ASU wants to play UNC, they can take the same route East Carolina did. Beat N.C. State a couple of times, then appeal to your alumni in the state legislature. In the meantime, we're trying to build a football team over here.

(Oh and Katie? Don't make me call your sister in to kick your ass.)