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In an aside in an article about football players transferring - and why it's an encouraging sign - my fellow SB Nation blogger from Kansas tosses this out:

Bill Self has had more transfers leave his program in his short, five-year stay at the University of Kansas than Roy Williams had in his entire fourteen-year career. Why? Because Self recruits as much talent as he can get his hands on, piling up the nationally-acclaimed athletes on the bench and letting the best players play. Roy, on the other hand, was more the good-ol-boy who gave 'deserving' over-achievers like C.B. McGrath, Jerrod Haase, Bret Ballard, T.J. Watley, Jeff Boschee and T.J. Pugh way more playing time than they deserved. And so, rarely did a player ever leave Roy's programs. Because more often than not, the players got more PT than they deserved; not less.

I can't think of a single player since Williams arrived at UNC about who I've thought, "That guy's just getting too much playing time." Maybe there's just a difference between the talent UNC draws in versus the Jayhawks?