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Game Thread: McNeese State

One of the innovations of the still-pretty-new SBNation 2.0 platform is the automatic creation of game threads that burst spontaneously out of the aether to allow you to publish your thoughts on the game as they happen, or in this blogs' case lie fallow and unloved while everyone goes off to watch football. But I swore I'd find some use for the things, and what I'm trying first is...

A Musical Tribute to the Opponent

(or, Let's Post a Song Up for Folks to Groove to During Commercials)

In this case, let us honor McNeese State with a little Sly and the Family Stone, if for no other reason than to celebrate the fact that UNC is rarely the team expected to win on the gridiron of late:

The game starts, well, now if the blog robots are working correctly. It isn't being televised, but those with the correct browsers can listen at the Athletic Department site.