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East Carolina 27, Virginia Tech 22


Yeah, I was rooting for the home state against the home conference, wishing I'd pulled the trigger with my prediction a month ago. Virginia Tech's receiving corps was as bad as advertised, and both teams changed the game more with nervous offensive errors than dominating drives. The Pirates pulled it together much better than the Hokies, grinding away in the fourth quarter to pull within two and then turning on the defense to pull the win out.

The talking heads seem to think this spells DOOM! for the ACC, doubly so if Alabama beats Clemson, but I don't really think so. Virginia Tech was flawed coming in, and the conference already had low expectations; if the Hokies go on to dominate the ACC without boosting their game, then yes, the ACC is laughable. But otherwise, it's the same thing Michigan's start last year said about the Big Ten. There's more parity in the conference and the game, and don't look for the national champion to come out of Tampa this year, but there could be some surprises coming out of this league this season - think Wake, Georgia Tech, Maryland and hopefully UNC.

Speaking of which, UNC may be breathing a little easier tomorrow assuming they don't trip up tonight after this, huh?

(And yes, the same logic applies to the Big East and No. 25 Pittsburgh, currently flailing against a lesser MAC opponent.)