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Brandon Tate 35, McNeese St. 27

OK, so Tate didn't actually score all 47 points; he did have 397 total yards (only one ACC player has done better), around 200 of them on punt and kick returns, giving him two touchdowns and credit for every decent field position the Heels started in. It got so bad, the Cowboys were squib kicking to keep the ball out of his hands.

As for the non-Tate portions of the game, well, giving up four touchdowns to a D1-AA school and only winning by eight  is a less than stellar beginning to the season. True, that last touchdown came in near-garbage time, and the rhythm was disrupted by an hour and forty-nine minute delay due to potential lightning (which resulted in a malfunctioning scoreboard that kept the time clock a mystery to the fans for mch of the second half). UNC went into that delay up 14-0 only to give up a 92-yard drive and a 70-yard punt return for two straight McNeese St. scores. The cowboys had a lead of 20-14 before UNC woke up and finished them off with three straight scores.

So the offense needs more than a bit of fine tuning, and the rest of the game is a little rough around the edges. No one wants to put on a less impressive performance than Duke (currently 3+ touchdowns ahead of James Madison) and this sport of play will be a midday snack for Rutgers unless things improve. We'll have to see how this team plays when lightning doesn't strike.