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Country Before College Rivalry

Ken Tysiac asks an interesting question - will Carolina fans root for a US Olympic team led by the evil, little man down the road in Durham? I'm sure it's a question designed to generate passionate response, where either your love of country or hatred of Duke reigns supreme in your heart, but after a good deal of soul-searching, I can only answer with what's in my heart:

Eh, I suppose. Go USA.

Olympic basketball hasn't really interested me since Barcelona, and even that was more for the historical aspect than the sport itself. It just seems superfluous, a bunch of payers I can watch for half a year in the NBA, just with flags on their jerseys instead of logos, and a funny shaped lane. (And even that is making its farewell appearance.) Yes, America has a score to settle, and yes this team was put together for three years - except for the seven players who came on board after the '06 fiasco, of course. But the excitement just isn't there for me.

(Also I don't think the US will win, unless their defense has improved greatly from the World Championships. But if I stumble across the game at a bar, I'll stop and root for the team. And swear at the coach. I may be patriotic but I haven't taken leave of my senses, after all.)