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UNC Gets Its Hands Out of Women's Underwear

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If you really want underwear with an interlocking NC on it, act fast because Carolina is dropping out of the Victoria's Secret Pink Collegiate Collection. I don't really care one way or the other - at the point in the evening when a women's underwear is the focus of my attention, her collegiate affiliation is really the first thing on my mind[*] - but I'm amused by new Chancellor Holden Thorp's reasoning:

"I saw the catalog they produced and didn't believe the images were consistent with the values of the University in terms of the way they portray women." 

If memory serves, he must have been the only one, because the dorm mailboxes seem to be stuffed with the damn things every week or so. Even if it was a men's dorm. Ah well. Carolina doesn't seem to have a problem with this licensing deal, so ladies, gird thy loins as you see fit.

Link via, U.S. News & World Report's Paper Trail blog, which seems to exist solely to get it's non-logoed panties in a bunch that someone on some campus somewhere is having sex even as we speak.