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Sean Glennon, Your New Seat on the Bus Is, Well, Under It

In what isn't much of a surprise, Frank Beamer has yanked the redshirt of Tyrod Taylor, saying

"Tyrod Taylor can help the team win," Beamer said. "That's exactly why we're doing it. It's a team thing. Sean played well except for a couple times in the game. I'm hoping he has an NFL career. This decision is strictly what is good for Virginia Tech."

So hey, NFL teams - Sean Glennon is really great and you should hire him. Just not "Virginia Tech quarterback" great. But definitely "NFL career great." Start pencilling him onto your draft boards now.

Somehow I had forgotten that Tech's quarterback's coach, and thus the guy at the center of these decisions was none other Mike O'Cain. Yes, 0-7 against UNC, one nightmare season at UNC, then awhile at Clemson Mike O'Cain. State Fans can now direct their schadenfreude towards Blacksburg.

Tyrod Taylor was the primary quarterback against the Heels last year, where he completed 10 of 19 passes for 66 yards, threw one interception and scored one touchdown on the ground. Two years ago, Sean Glennon was at QB, completing 10 of 17 passes for... 66 yards. Mike O'Cain still has a little trouble with Carolina, you see.