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ACC Bowl Upgraded to Football Stadium

The Congressional Bowl, the ACC's newest bowl tie-in set in everyone's favorite holiday destination Washington D.C. has already changed it's location from the Nationals Park to RFK Stadium, former home of the Washington Redskins. The advantage of the new location? Well, it's an actual football stadium, instead of a baseball park. That's a step up.

The bowl's tie-ins are Navy and the ninth-place ACC team, which brings up an exciting question for the season - who will be eliminated from bowl eligibility first, Navy or four ACC teams? On the one hand, Navy (1-1) has at least four other games on the schedule they should lose - Rutgers, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame - as well as Duke, still a mystery at this point. There's a thin margin for error, especially for a team that just lost to Ball State. On the other hand, the ACC is stupefyingly awful. It's a tough call, and could be the most exciting football in the conference come November.