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ACC Basketball Roundup(1/14)

Three ACC games tonight, Virginia Tech plays Richmond.

  • The complete implosion of NC State's season is proceeding according to plan.  The Pack dropped an ugly game versus Clemson on Saturday and last night followed up with more putrid play at point guard to lost at home to Florida State.  NCSU has now lost 11 straight ACC games dating back to last season.  There is a chill blowing through the Brickyard, the same one all those poor souls on the Titanic felt shortly after they hit the iceberg.  And yes the natives are restless.  Granted, not in that "fire him now" sort of way but moving in that direction should Lowe not patch the holes in the boat within the next season or two.  The biggest complaint is that Lowe is a "'player's coach" both in the way he treats his players but also in blaming them for losses instead of taking responsibility himself.  Bottom line is the guard play is horrific, the substitution patterns suck and veteran players act like they could not care less.  At least Lowe has good recruits coming next season.  The bad news is his coaching goes on trial when the talent arrives.
  • Duke won at Florida State but not before an atrocious first half followed by a productive ten minutes in the 2nd half leading to the inevitable lack of aggression that comes from milking the clock which gave FSU a serious chance to come back.  Duke tried that two years ago when they lacked the offensive firepower to score at will so they tried to shorten the game.  In two games now, Davidson and FSU it has resulted in rallies from 20-plus down to single digits by the opposing team.  Duke plays Georgia Tech Wednesday night.  Should not be an issue for Duke given the state of things in Atlanta.
  • Wake Forest heads to Boston College and I am pretty sure if BC wins this game it will complete some bizzare circle which will instantly give UNC it's mojo back.  I have my doubts.  BC is 0-2 since winning in Chapel Hill.
  • Preseason dark horse Miami has quietly been toiling away at their season.  The Hurricanes host Maryland after winning at Boston College.  Maryland sits at 1-0 in the ACC following their takedown of Georgia Tech.  I would venture to say both of these teams really need a win in this game. For Maryland it would be a road win, something that bolsters your at-large NCAA resume.  Miami would love to gather up some steam since they face UNC in Chapel Hill in a Saturday night nationall televised game.