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ACC Basketball Roundup(1/19)

Wake #1?

  • The Demon Deacons almost certainly can make a claim after beating Clemson in Littlejohn to remain undefeated.  That is now two top ten wins for the Deacs and Jeff Teague has already been named NPOY, ACC POY and will be drafted #1 in June by an NBA team.  Thanks for watching, have a good night.  I had someone tell me Wake will win the national title.  They very well could, if they continue to play like they have for two weeks.  We all know from watching UNC smack Notre Dame and Michigan State around it is possible to look invincible one week and the biggest disappointment since pretty much any UConn team except for 1999 and 2004.  If Wake becomes #1 that in itself, for a young team with a young coach is enough to send them into a funk.  Ebb and flow people.  Wake is good now.  Wake was good in January of 2005 too.  Ask Chris Paul how that turned out.  And then there is this:

  • Duke whipped Georgetown in Cameron on Saturday to put the "Grand Unified Theory That The Big East is Better than the ACC" in jeopardy.  At the same time Duke also gave credence to the "Grand Unified Theory That Duke Somehow Can Handle a Team With An Inside Game" based on beating the Hoyas.  Sorry I am not buying that last one and Dick Vitale can spare me the insistence the Big East is better because they are deep.  So deep in fact Marquette almost lost to NC State.
  • Speaking of the Pack, they won an ACC game.  How about that.  Granted it came against Georgia Tech.  Granted I saw better offensive execution at an Upward game Saturday morning than the Yellow Jackets are capable of producing.  I know you only get them for one year but October to January is plenty of time to get them on the same page Coach Hewitt.
  • Boston College has not won a game since beating UNC in Chapel Hill.  Worst. Letdown. Ever.
  • The middle of the ACC pack is shaping up and it appears Clemson, Miami, FSU and Virginia Tech are your second tier behing the Wake, Duke, UNC first tier.  The other five could really jump off a bridge and no one would miss them.