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ACC Basketball Roundup(1/25)

Yeah, Duke will be #1.

I find it interesting that despite claims the Big East is the best conference in American and even Steve Lavin's ridiculous assertion the Big Ten was 2nd, the ACC will place it's 3rd team this season in the #1 slot come Monday morning.

  • Duke crushed the life out of Maryland beating them 85-44.  As Darth Vader said, "Impressive, most impressive."  Of course it was at Cameron and Maryland sucks in ways I cannot begin to describe in this space still it was a top notch dismantling by the Devils.  So who is next for Duke?  Wake Forest in Winston-Salem which means they stand to keep the #1 spot for as long as Wake did.
  • Speaking of Wake, the Deacons reminded the world that they were still a young team and regardless of what any one player says, being #1 has an impact.  Also, Chas McFarland scores 20 versus UNC and zero versus Virginia Tech?  That figures.
  • Florida State and Boston College are both working their way to a point where they could legitimately get to nine wins.  With the general strength of the ACC better than it was last season, nine wins might be enough to get in, especially with BC having a win over UNC though I still think the Harvard loss effectively cancels that out.
  • For all the trouble Virginia Tech had early on the Hokies are 4-1 and in 2nd place in the ACC.  Even more significant is two of those wins are on the road including an OT win at Miami.  VT has a favorable road schedule from this point on visiting Boston College, Maryland, Virginia, Clemson and FSU.  3-2 out of those games is possible.  NCSU and Georgia Tech makes up two of their remaining five home games.  A ten win ACC season is doable for the Hokies.
  • Georgia Tech is now 0-6.  Could the Yellow Jackets end up 0-16?