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ACC Basketball Roundup(1/30)


  • Clemson handled a big test Thursday night going to Blacksburg to upend Virginia Tech after being down 15.  A win like this on the road is huge one for Clemson which is jockeying with FSU, VT and Boston College for fourth in the league.
  • Wake Forest presented their credentials as a legit Final Four team registering their 2nd top five win.  In knocking off Duke, the Deacs are in great position to claim a #1 seed in the NCAA long as they keep winning.  I am not sure that is a guarantee.  Wake is a young team and the two big wins they have enjoyed came at home.  The win at Clemson does prove there is meat on the bones but surviving February is a horse of a different color...just ask Duke.
  • For all the lack of an inside presence Duke actually outrebounded Wake and played a scrappy game.  The biggest problem for the Devils is there is no serious offensive threat outside of Kyle Singler, Gerald Henderson and John Scheyer.  It is also a problem their Big Three does not include a legit big man.
  • At this point the ACC can be broken into three tiers:

    Top Tier: Duke, Wake Forest, UNC

    Middle Tier: Clemson, VT, BC and FSU

    Bottom Tier: Miami, UVa, NC State, Maryland and Georgia Tech

    The top two tiers are probably NCAA teams.  Miami, BC and FSU are probably the closest to the edge of their respective tiers.  UVa, NCSU, Maryland and Georgia Tech are close to falling off the face of the known earth.  Anyone want to pay cash money to see an ACC Semifinal Saturday with UNC, Duke, Wake and Clemson?  I would.