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ACC Basketball Saturday Open Thread

There is something special about a Saturday full of ACC contests. Now that most of the non-conference games are done we move into the bulk of the conference schedule. There are five games today with UNC-Wake closing out the weekend on the FSN Sunday Night Game.

Georgia Tech at Maryland, 12:00 PM, Raycom Split
NC State at #11 Clemson,
12:00 PM, Raycom Split
#2 Duke at Florida State, 2:00 PM, ESPN
Virginia at Virginia Tech, 4:00 PM, RSN
Miami at Boston College, 7:00 PM, ESPNU

Miami vs BC could have huge middle of the conference implications. Both teams are seeking legitmacy which they lost despite having it in droves at certain points this season. UVa-VT is a rival game but stands to be ugly. Ugly could also describe GT-MD and NCSU-Clemson promises much the same.

The Duke-FSU should be fun. Duke has legitimate bad blood with FSU(among others) stemming from one of the most lopsided foul calling ever seen in 2006 when FSU played Duke at Cameron. During that game FSU lost F Alexander Johnson on a technical foul that should never have been called and the free thrown discrepancy(43-11) in that game and the BC game(37-13) a few days earlier was so large the N&O actually ran articles about whether there was a Coach K-Referee Conspiracy. Since then you have at least one or two physical altercations between these two teams which stands to be higher since Ryan Reid is inexplicably allowed to continue to play basketball in the ACC. So I would put the over/under on flagrant fouls at 1.5 and the free throw difference around 20. For certain you should take the over on the latter.

If you are watching any games today feel free to drop comments.