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BC 85 UNC 78

In the first half UNC went on a 13-0 run and took a seven point lead. At this point in 13 previous games, the opposing team slowly fell apart. That did not happen and when BC absorb the blow and struck back, UNC did not have an answer. This one boiled down to the following:

Lack of defensive rebounding

Very few BC turnovers

BC hit clutch shots and most anything else they put up.

The Heels were completely inept at times on offense which included tons of easy shots missed and crappy FT shooting which included six missed in the final minutes.

That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. It was not meant to be.

It is a sucky loss given it is to BC and you can only hope the Eagles end up being the 4th best team in the ACC to prove this was not a fluke. As far was what it means down the road. Who knows. It was a bad game and hopefully they will not have any more like this one. Obviously it ends the undefeated talk and in some respects it takes the pressure of ineviability off this team. Pitt will be the new #1 and UNC can take a step back and get ready for Wake Forest which is a game they absolutely cannot lose in terms of the ACC standings.