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Call It The Caffeine Portion of the Schedule

I was perusing the Heels' upcoming schedule and realized that of the 16 games left, six of them will start at 9 PM, three will start at 8 PM and one at 7:45. That is ten games that will end around 10 or 11 PM. Fear not though all these late starts is a benefit to you, the faithful THF reader, since it means I will likely liveblog all of them and then stay up late to write postgame recaps.

The rest of the schedule is a random set of game times. There are two 4 PM games including Senior Day in Chapel Hill. One noon game at home versus Georgia Tech and a 7 PM start at Virginia Tech on March 4th. And yes, UNC has two 3:30 games on ABC. On the road at NC State and Maryland which happens to be two of the teams UNC has lost 3:30 ABC games against in the past two seasons. Joy.