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Cam Sexton Not Returning

Update: ACC Now has an interview with Cam Sexton. Two key points: 1. Not starting the NC State game was a factor although Sexton says a small one. 2. Butch Davis wanted Sexton to return saying there would be a competition for the starting job. Sexton declined and now will go the DII route to finish his college career.


Interesting football tidbit from ACC Now

Cam Sexton is a redshirt junior which means he is also set to graduate in May and it appears his career at UNC is over.

“I don’t know what the future holds for me,” Sexton said in a prepared statement. “I’m considering all my options, including the possibility of transferring to a Division II institution to play one more year. I have always been a competitor and I have more goals I want to accomplish on the football field. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities I had at North Carolina.”

It would be nice to have Sexton back but it looks like he wants to go elsewhere and graduating allows him to do that.

In terms of the bigger picture, this sort of thing is what I was talking about a few months back when I said folks making a big deal about the scholarship numbers were jumping the gun on their accusations.  Since the season ended there have been two players put on medical hardship which means they still get their school paid for but do not count against the scholarship limit.  Hakeem Nicks turned pro and now  Sexton does not return.

Note: Heavily editing after publishing to correct the egregious manner in which I misinterpreted what the aritcle said.