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Hansbrough Talks With Dan Patrick

Very good interview for Tyler Hansbrough especially considering Patrick was firing questions at him without mercy or pause. Some of the tidbits:

  • When he took the elbow Wednesday night he push the tooth back in place, got the mouth guard and returned to action.
  • The behavior of opposing fans is like a buffet of motivation for Hansbrough on which he feeds until management attempts to throw him out at 1 AM. He also thinks you people are idiots. Beeker jokes? Make him laugh. Saying "you suck" or "UNC sucks" as Hansbrough is administering a butt kicking of epic proportions causes him to guffaw...on the inside.
  • Hansbrough jumped in the pool from the frat house balcony on a dare saying he would do it only if Bobby Frasor did it. Frasor did and Hansbrough would not back down. Roy was amused and basically told them to never do that again.
  • When asked what is comfortable range was Hansbrough said "a foot behind the three point line." I imagine Roy does not feel the same way.
  • Hansbrough does not nor will he ever own anything Duke blue.

If you have time, be sure to listen to the whole thing.