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Hansbrough Thinks Going Undefeated Would Be "Great"

Not so much noteworthy for what is a no-brainer but for the fact it is being asked of the players at this point.

Here is what Hansbrough said today on the topic:

"We’ll see what happens; I want to take it game by game, but I think if you ask every team I’ve every played on, it would be great to go undefeated’’

I am fairly sure the undefeated talk will pick up steam should the Heels win in Winston-Salem. After that the biggest challenge left is Duke twice and a handful of other road games which really should not be an issue. For now this is still just talk.

The other major item out of the Friday press conference was a lengthy discussion of the Heels defense which was seen as much improved to start the season but took a slight slide backwards in the games following the exam break. So all of the focus has been on the defense since there is really nothing much else to complain about. Sure Wayne Ellingotn could be shooting better and the rebounding is a little off, other than that everything else seems to be working. That leaves the defense and the general consensus is the issues are related more to focus and effort than anything else. Getting BC and Tyrese Rice in town this Sunday will be a good test on both ends of the court.