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Heels Drop to #3 in Both Polls

Not that a lot of poll watching is worthy anything right now or really ever for that matter.

As expected the loss to Boston College costs the Heels their #1 ranking and elevated Pitt to the top of the poll though one coach and two members of the media still think the Heels are #1. Who is #2 you may ask? Duke, which is debatable but since they beat VT by 25 while the Heels were losing that is how the poll usually breaks. Wake Forest is now #4 setting up a scene that looks like 2005 all over again. Anyone want to lay money on Duke and UNC winning out until their matchup coupled with a Pitt loss to setup another 1-2 game in Cameron? Me, neither though the prospect is fun to consider.

Clemson is #11 in the coaches poll and #12 in the AP. Boston College is #17 in the AP while the coaches give them the more reasonable #23 slot. I for one will be pulling for them in every game they play from here on out just so this loss looks better though that is like "putting lipstick on a pig."