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Injury Update

Ginyard and Zeller.

From ACC Now:

North Carolina forward Marcus Ginyard still has not returned to practice, and no decision has been made about when -- or if -- the senior defensive stopper will return this season.

"Marcus and I talked yesterday, he still did not practice yesterday, and we're going to look at him and talk to the doctors more a little more this week, so there hasn't been any decision made on him,'' coach Roy Williams said.

Ginyard has played in three games since surgery on his left foot in October, but was shelved by Williams roughly two weeks ago to try to get him back to 100 percent.

If last year's starting small forward does not play in another game, he could apply for a medical redshirt and fifth year of eligibility. But Williams has said he thinks they'll need Ginyard this season.

Williams also said there is a chance freshman forward Tyler Zeller could return this season, "but I think it's awfully stupid,'' he said. "He's not been released to play yet, if he comes back and plays one game, he loses a whole year."

Zeller broke his left wrist the second game of the season.

I read this as not good news for Marcus Ginyard.  I also read this as a possibility Tyler Zeller could come back but it will be a matter of if Roy allows it or not.  Roy is seeing Zeller as a four year guy and he might be but does anyone else see a slight inconsistency between saying Ginyard is a "must have" but Zeller is a "be nice to have but we ain't wasting a year on 10-15 games" position.  I know it is profoundly different when evaluating a senior who is set to graduate versus a freshman who will be inexperienced and may not be able to contribute because of the learning or conditioning curve.  At the same time if Ginyard is a must would not Zeller also be a must, especially if the weak points on this team pertain to defense, rebounding and depth, probably in that order?  There is also the issue of how well the team is fitting together.  Ginyard coming back will be easier to absorb but who knows how much it throws Ed Davis or Deon Thompson off, if any, for Zeller to return.

Exit question: Does the decision on Ginyard effect what happens to Zeller? If we find out next week Ginyard will redshirt does Roy then look to bring Zeller back hoping to fill some of the gap, especially from a rebounding and depth perspective?