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Latest Polls/Rankings Plus What Did Lawson Say?


1. Wake Forest
2. Duke
3. UConn
4. Pitt
5. UNC

10. Clemson


1. Wake Forest
2. Duke
3. UConn
4. Pitt
5. Oklahoma
6. UNC

9. Clemson


1. Duke
2. Gonzaga
3. UNC
4. Georgetown
5. Pitt
6. Wake Forest

22. Clemson

Wake was nearly unanimous. A few voters in each poll thought Duke should be #1 over Wake which makes little sense but illustrates the same maddening logic we see in football every year. The upside is the polls do not decide the champion, the teams do that.

Also, UNC is ranked #1 in offensive effeciency by Pomeroy and is up to 11th on defense. That marks a steady improvement in the latter category from where things stood two weeks ago. If the Heels keep that going they will be in great position. Speaking of the defense, I found this quote from Ty Lawson interesting:

"We weren't playing defense well," Lawson said of the first 16 minutes of the game, at which point Miami held a 32-25 lead. "Someone has to jump-start the defense, and Coach says sometimes that needs to be me. I decided to pressure and see how things go, and it worked out well."

Let me say I really, earnestly hope this is one of those season changing, life altering moments in which Lawson shows up and plays the rest of the season like he did the final 24 minutes against Miami. If it is and Wayne Ellington has more, then it will be some ride.