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Please Send The Waaahmbulance to Coach K's Office

Apparently Mike Krzyzewski is upset that the local media has not mentioned the fact Duke is #2 in the country.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Obviously Coach K is bristling at UNC sucking all of the available oxygen out of the room this season and doggone it HE WANTS HIS #2 RANKING IN JANUARY RECOGNIZED!

"That's pretty good," K said. "I know it's not that big here, but it's pretty damn good. So when this group makes No. 2, it's a new group, they should be celebrated for doing something good.

Yeah. Duke made #2 last season, beat the Heels in Chapel Hill(without Ty Lawson playing) and promptly wet the bed from that point on ending their season by scraping by Belmont then losing to West Virginia.

This is also a tad hypocritical because had anyone in the media actually asked K about the ranking he would have said something like: Well obviously we are pleased with where we are at but right now it is January and we are more concerned about what the rankings are at the end of the season not now.

According to Joe Giglio, K was asked about the ranking which is what brought on this little tantrum. Carry on.

Then again, how big of a deal is this? Duke started the season in the top five. Moving up to #2 was pretty much expected as long as Duke keep the loss total between 0-1 versus a average schedule. It does not strike me as nearly a big of an accomplishment as say, Wake Forest, ascending to #4 from the bottom but for K he would like to see it in print I guess so he can put it in his scrapbook.