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Quotes From UVa Postgame

Roy Williams:

"Well, needless to say this feels better than it did in Winston-Salem the other day. I think in the first half we were pretty doggone good. In the second half, we didn’t rebound nearly as well as we wanted, nor did we make the shots. At the same time, we were up 14 at the half, and in the first few plays in the first few minutes of the second half, we got to 18 or 19 [points] ahead. But when it got up a little higher than that we got a little complacent, a little lethargic, and weren’t moving as well as we did. But again, this feels so much better and I do believe that it was good basketball particularly for us in the first half."

That sounds about right. The Tar Heel players apparently have some kind of "20-point mercy rule switch" which prevents them from shredding a team after the deficit reaches a certain level. I really wish someone could figure out how to turn it off. I want total disaster! I want the Heels to adminster a beating so severe the other team will give serious consideration to ending the season right then and there. Perhaps I am asking too much.

Danny Green

"One of the main reasons we have turned the ball over is because of carelessness or selfishness. We wanted to cut down on turnovers. In order to do that, we had to cut down on the selfishness which led to a better effort as a team."

What this? Selfishness? Hmmm...I will just leave that out there for folks to make of it as they will and believe me they will.

Source: Inside Carolina