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Roy's Friday Fireside Chat

Not much here. I was surprised they actually had it with Kay Yow's funeral happening in Cary at 3 PM. Roy explained that he was unable to re-schedule practice. Roy was actually good friends with Coach Yow and told a story of how she wanted to sit and talk "Xs and Os" with him at one point. Besides that there were three items that stood out the most:

  • A long discussion of Danny Green and his improved play. Roy basically said he loves his aggressiveness along as he makes smart decisions. Green is given to the occasional bad decision that drives Roys crazy but at the same time Green has also carried the team in stretches, improved his defense and shown more maturity.
  • A question was raised concerning whether Tyler Hansbrough lost some explosiveness in his legs due to the early season injury as an explanation to some of the problems the reigning NPOY has had rebounding and scoring in general. Roy thinks Hansbrough is fine. Roy also said he could not say what he really thought. When asked at the end of the session if Hansbrough was not getting calls from the officials, Roy said "next question." If I am to read between the lines here, Roy is implying that some of the issues Hansbrough has had trying to score and rebound has more to do with the way the officials are calling games than it does anything on Hansbrough's part. A friend of mine pointed out that Hansbrough is getting knocked off the blocks on a regular basis without a foul being called. Against FSU Ryan Reid pushed Hansbrough out of bounds without nary a whistle. Of course Roy cannot make public comments criticizing the officials so he does the next best thing and alludes to it. Whoever asked the follow-up question picked up on it.
  • Marcus Ginyard still has pain in his foot and the doctors will be consulted next week. I am not sure at this point where this is headed but when Roy sees the stat lines for Jeff Teague, Tyrese Rice and Toney Douglas he probably feels like Ginyard is a must have component for this team.

Also, Tyler Hansbrough is still wearing braces and Danny Green's response to Tyler Hansbrough getting in foul trouble? Crap happens, the players know how to deal and I am really hoping that serves them well in March/April.