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THF Injured!

I thought I would share this item from the freak injury department.

Last night I was playing basketball, as I do every Monday and during the course of the high caliber action I swiped at a loose ball on the floor which subsequently went out of bounds off me.  When I looked at my right hand I discovered my middle finger would not straighten at the top joint. I could make a fist but when I straightened my fingers the top part of the middle finger would not straighten unless I pushed the tip up myself.  It was very odd and after playing two more possession(and grabbing a rebound) I decided to take myself out and have it checked at the ER.

The diagnosis?

I detached the extensor tendon in the finger.  In case you don't know what that is here is an illustratiion:

At present I have a splint on the finger to keep it straight which makes typing an adventure.  It also does not hurt except for the discomfort from swelling. I was told at the ER I will need surgery to reattached the tendon probably within a week or so.  For now I am listed as probable for liveblogging the Clemson game.