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Things I Am Thankful For...

...after watching the BCS Championship.

I am thankful that should UNC win the NCAA Championship game on April 6th that there will no debate as to who is the #1 team in the nation.

I am thankul that following the ACC Tournament I do not have to wait 50-plus days without basketball to watch while talking head discuss the potential matchups incessantly.

I am thankful that when the college basketball postseason starts it is packaged up neatly for my viewing pleasure into various conference tournaments and then an easily viewed national tournament.

I am thankful every game in the NCAA Tournament means something.

I am thankful the loss to Boston College did not effectively eliminate UNC from the national title chase.

I am thankful that college basketball has brackets and we can endlessly debate then be shocked when some lowly directional school hands a major conference team their lunch.

I am thankful that college basketball decides the champion entirely on the court. Play well enough you get a bid. Win six games you get the title.

Life should be simple and so should winning national titles.